History of Graaff-Reinet 

The Grade 4’s enjoyed a morning outing to explore some of the history of our town. We started at the Groot Kerk, where Anziske Kayster of the Graaff-Reinet Museums pointed out unique exterior features and then took the children into the church. It was the first time most of them had been inside this familiar landmark.
At the Old Library Museum Mrs Kayster spoke to the children about the earliest settlers in the area, the San. Various artefacts and amusing moments brought these early inhabitants to life. Each child was given an activity booklet to take home.
Food oh food! Always a highlight for all, was the picnic lunch on the lawns of Reinet House in lovely winter sunshine. This was followed by a fascinating and hilarious tour of the Museum, with all the children wearing something from the B Collection!


Union Farmers Market