Union Preparatory School

Prizegiving - November 2016

Union Preparatory School held their annual end-of-year prize-giving this morning in the school dome.
Headmistress, Mrs Leona Rich welcomed all to the event, after which Mrs Mel Houseman, Chairperson of the Governing Body, gave a short report on the year's activities.

We wish to congratulate all our learners on their academic, sport and cultural awards received.
A great thank you to our Guest of Honour, Mrs Jeanine Kemp, for handing out all the awards.
In closing, Mrs Rich took the opportunity to thank all members of the Governing Body, the staff and parents for their hard work and dedication to Union Prep.

After the awards event, the Grade 4's ran their traditional run through a guard of honour to the gates of the school for one last time!
Goodbye, Grade 4s...we wish you well!

Boys’ Doubles Tennis Championships
3rd Place: Matthew Davenport & Daniel Short
2nd Place: Matthew Paxton & Peter-Daniel Clegg
Robin Slater Floating Trophy – Boys’ Doubles: Cullen Marais & Cullan Erasmus
Boys’ Singles Tennis Championships
3rd Place: Matthew Paxton
2nd Place: Cullan Erasmus
Richard Slater Floating Trophy – Boys’ Singles: Cullen Marais
Girls’ Doubles Tennis Championships
3rd Place Sinesipho Sididi & Misha Newton
2nd Place: Chloe Erasmus & Grace Kemp
Gary Sullivan Floating Trophy – Girls’ Doubles: Caytah-Leigh Koeberg & Sadé May
Girls’ Singles Tennis Championships
3rd Place: Caytah-Leigh Koeberg
2nd Place: Sadé May
B.P. Floating Trophy – Girls’ Singles: Chloe Erasmus
Mixed Doubles Tennis Championships
3rd Place : Cullan Erasmus & Grace Kemp
2nd Place: Peter-Daniel Clegg & Caytah-Leigh Koeberg
Dassie Fontein Floating Trophy – Mixed Doubles: Cullen Marais & Chloe Erasmus
Special award to Prep School boy/girl/both who achieved above his/her age group in tennis: Peter-Daniel Clegg & Grace Kemp

Lutho Pohlongo Floating Trophy – Most Promising Junior Cricketer : Cullen Marais
Brian Bands Floating Trophy – All Round Mini-Cricketer: Daniel Short
Merit Certificate for batting & Bowling U/9: Cullen Marais
Merit Certificate for bowling U/9: Skaakir Kazi_
Merit Certificate for Progress in cricket – U/9: Daniel Marais
Lee Joseph Floating Trophy - Most Promising U/11 B Cricketer: Josh Basson
Quinton Family Floating Trophy – Achievement in Bowling Dylan Kivedo
Dennis McEwan Floating Trophy – Achievement in Batting: Peter Michaels
Donald Kingwill Floating Trophy for Cricket – Achievement in Fielding: Finn Cilliers
Merit Certificate for Progress in cricket – U/11: Camran Swartz
Special award to Prep School boy who achieved above his age group in Cricket: Cullen Marais
Stern family Floating Trophy – Sportswoman of the Year: Sadé May and Caytah-Leigh Koeberg
Carl Bezuidenhout Floating Trophy – Sportsman of the Year: Matthew Davenport

Grade 2: Xarah Hoffman & Daniel Short
Grade 3: Erin Gedult
Grade 4: Ann-Noleen Koeberg / Caytah-Leigh Koeberg
Grade 3 Merit for Piano: Sasha Cochrane / Erin Gedult
Grade 4 Progress in Piano: Ann-Noleen Koeberg / Caytah-Leigh Koeberg
Alet Kingwill Floating Trophy – for the most outstanding Piano pupil:
Ann-Noleen Koeberg / Caytah-Leigh Koeberg
Marlene Rubidge Floating Trophy for achievement and progress in Cultural Activities: Ann-Noleen Koeberg / Caytah-Leigh Koeberg

JP Kruger Floating Trophy for most improved Junior Chess Player: Josh Arends
Tossie Minnaar Floating Trophy for Junior Chess Champion: Juan-Emile Smit
Cedric Hayward Floating Trophy for Individual Chess Champion: Caytah-Leigh Koeberg

Horace Stanton Floating Trophy: -General Knowledge Champion: Max Price

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS overall average over 80%
Princess Mcinga - Maths, Social Sciences, NS & Tech
Kyra McCabe - Maths, Social Sciences, NS & Tech
Sisipho De Vos - Maths
Camran Swartz - Maths
Dumisa Mala - Social Sciences
Nambitha Mavuya - Social Sciences
Zeraida Deysel - Social Sciences
Zac Le Roux - Social Sciences

Brendan Minnaar Memorial Trophy donated by the A-10 class of 2003 for Top Mathematician: Na-een Mohamed
Old Unionite Floating Shield for Top Academic Achievement in Grade 4: Na-een Mahomed

Rebecca Kingwill Memorial Trophy – for the Grade 3 pupil/s who demonstrates the most praiseworthy social skills: Chloe Erasmus
The Rebecca Kingwill Memorial Bursary is awarded to a scholar in Grade 2 going to Grade 3 next year. Such a scholar is not necessary top in her/his grade, but all things considered has brought credit to herself/himself and her/his school in the following areas:
• Academic
• Cultural
• Sport
• Social
Such a child is deemed to be deserving of, and seen as one who would benefit by a bursary. - Rebecca Kingwill Bursary, Jemae-Mari Davids
Harlin Lepotha Memorial Shield: Donated by the 2007 A-10 class for the pupil who demonstrates strength of character and shows personal growth while maintaining a positive disposition. - Vivian McEwan

Bruce Cumming Award:
This Honours Trophy is awarded to the pupil who is an all rounder. This pupil achieves as a scholar, participates in cultural activities and on the sports field. He/she displays leadership qualities and sportsmanship. - Caytha-Leigh Koeberg


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