Union Preparatory School

Union Prep School hosts A to 10 Dinner

By: Wendy-Lee Scott (Matrics 2016)

Eight years ago, we stood at the Prep School gate awaiting the A-10 Matrics of that year. This year, we were the A-10 Matrics arriving at the gate. It was just the final event before Valedictory that reminded us that our time at UHS was finished.
The dancing with the grade 4s was incredibly entertaining to watch and do. Seeing our parents and classmates skipping around definitely inspired laughter and the fun wasn’t lost in between the losing of shoes and partners.
The grade 4s sang beautifully and the Matrics especially enjoyed the final song where each of our names was sung in turn, as they said their goodbyes.
There were stories that had been long forgotten, but hearing them brought back fond memories of the days spent at Union Prep. We were reminded of the silly things we did and what legacy we left behind. Mrs Kingwill had many interesting stories of us, and it really brought warmth to my heart to see how far we’ve come as a grade.
I know that all the Matrics that attended were so appreciative of all the work done by the grade 4s, their parents and the teachers under Ms Rich at Union Preparatory School. Thank you so much. It truly was a night to remember.
“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun…”.